Business and Administrative Resources

College Financial and Administrative Team

The college's administrative and financial team provides guidance and service to the CBS Dean's Office, as well as units throughout the college.   

Jennifer Sang
Executive Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
(530) 752-3478
  • Oversees collegewide financial and administrative functions
  • Oversees department and center long-range financial planning
  • Serves as the college’s Human Resources Business Partner
  • Represents CBS on the Administrative Coordinating Council of Deans (ACCD)
Laura Aranda Arestegui
Budget and Fiscal Officer
(530) 752-4495
  • Provides analysis for appropriation of available funds, faculty start-up costs, and collegewide budgets
  • Academic FTE planning and analysis
  • Monitoring and control of current year expenditures
  • Analysis and planning of teaching resources
Cynthia Chiuco Rosario
Dean’s Office Operations Manager
(530) 752-1937
  • Provides high-level analytical and business operations support to the Dean’s Office on:
    • Policy
    • Budgeting
    • Fund management
    • Administration
    • Human Resources
    • Facilities/safety
Jennifer Voight
Events Manager
(530) 754-9254
  • Provides collegewide event management and support to the Dean’s Office and CBS departments 
  • Coordination of:
    • Storer Lecture Series
    • Joint Seminars
    • Select graduate seminars
    • Undergraduate senior awards process
  • Represents the college as a commencement lead with Ceremonies and Special Events under the direction of the Chancellor’s Office
Joy Anguiano
Dean’s Office Business Assistant
(530) 752-6653
  • Provides administrative support to the Dean’s Office
  • Manages Dean’s Office purchasing and expense reporting systems and procedures
  • Point of contact for questions concerning purchasing, travel, and facilities management needs

Nina Jorgensen
Administrative Officer
(530) 754-9221
222 Green Hall

  • Provides financial, administrative, and project support for various college activities
Heidi Sciutto
Executive Coordinator
  • Provides administrative support to:
    • Dean
    • Associate Deans
    • Executive Assistant Dean
    • Faculty Executive Committee
  • Event support for collegewide events

Department and Center Administrators

Each academic department and center in the College of Biological Sciences has a Chief Administrative Officer and financial/administrative staff dedicated to helping their unit. 

Yuliya Yarova-Yarovaya
Chief Administrative Officer
(530) 752-7466
Department of Evolution and Ecology
Eva Jakab
Chief Administrative Officer
(530) 752-7467
Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Nena Herrera
Chief Administrative Officer
(530) 752-9093
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Cynthia Roberts
Chief Administrative Officer
(530) 752-2558
Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior
Lisa Blake
Chief Administrative Officer
(530) 752-6736
Department of Plant Biology
Chief Administrative Officer
(530) 752-0200
Center for Neuroscience
Sherri Mann
Administrative Coordinator
(530) 752-1274
Center for Population Biology
Ernie Hoftyzer 
Chief Administrative Officer
(530) 754-9654
Genome Center

Business and Finance

CBS Dean’s Office business contacts
Joy Anguiano
Dean’s Office Business Assistant
(530) 752-6653

Supply Chain/Aggie Expense

Cynthia Chiuco Rosario
Dean’s Office Operations Manager
(530) 752-1937

Approval Routing
CBS Confirming Order Approval Routing
Student Awards
Financial Aid or Payroll Payments
One-time Payments

Campus Resources 

Supply Chain Management

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Finance and Business

Student Tuition and Finances
Budget and Institutional Analysis
Campus Finance 
Office of Business Transformation
UC Davis Preferred Partnership Program (UP3)
Systems Information
Finance, Budget and UC Davis Business Systems Trainings


Print and Copy
Graphic and Web Design
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Promotional Items

UC Davis Administrative Policy Manuals

Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)
Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM)
Interim Policies
Delegations of Authority (DA)

Human Resources


Employee Resources

Flex / Remote Work
Employee Support
Disability Management Services
Diversity & Inclusion
Learning and Development
New Employees
Performance Appraisals
Time Reporting
UC Davis Health Resident Program

Supervisor Resources

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General HR Resources

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UC Path

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Campus Resources

UC Davis Administrative Policy Manuals

Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)
Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM)
Interim Policies
Delegations of Authority (DA)

Center for Advocacy Resources and Education

Talk to an Advocate
Following a Sexual Assault
Following Intimate Partner Violence and/or Stalking
Know Your Rights
Make a Report
Yoga as Healing

Harassment and Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program

Report an Incident
Understanding the Process
Policies & Procedures
Risk Reduction Strategies


The CBS Dean's Office supports many events in the college and its units. Those who are hosting an event in the college are welcome to connect with the college's event manager for advice and guidance, as well as support, which is provided based on availability and priority. 

For questions about:

  • Event Planning
  • Best Practices
  • Storer Lecture Series
  • Joint Seminars
  • Select Graduate Seminars
  • Undergraduate Senior Awards Process
  • Commencement

Please contact:

Green Hall Room Reservations 
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Olive and Vine

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Academic Technology Services

Zoom Webinar Hosting
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Facilities and Safety

UC Davis Safety Services

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Safety Trainings
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UC Davis Police Department

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UC Davis Fire Department

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