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UC Davis Genome Center Founding Director Richard Michelmore Steps Down

During his 20-year tenure as founding director of the UC Davis Genome Center, Richard Michelmore, a Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Plant Sciences, Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Medical Microbiology and Immunology, recruited more than 20 faculty members, led the center to prominence as a hub of technology-driven biology, and made national headlines by implementing an innovative, community-scale saliva-based COVID test. Quite the legacy for someone who never wanted the job in the first place. 

From the Dean: Spring Has Sprung

The courtyard between Green Hall and Briggs Hall is sunny, and our trees are in full bloom. Spring is most definitely here.

And with it comes Picnic Day, the longstanding student-run UC Davis tradition, which is on Saturday, April 20. For those planning to attend, I hope you enjoy the fun and engaging activities across campus. From the parade to the doxie derby, there’s a lot to do and even more to see.

New Research Suggests Cerebellum May Play Important Role in Autism

Researchers in the College of Biological Sciences have received a grant to study the role of the cerebellum in autism. “We need a more holistic understanding of the brain circuits that drive this disorder,” says Alex Nord, an associate professor of neurobiology, physiology and behavior (NPB), and a researcher at the Center for Neuroscience (CNS). “The cerebellum is a key component that has been largely overlooked until recently.”