Faculty Standing Committees

The committees of the College of Biological Science are comprised of faculty members, officers, and in some cases, appointed students. Members of standing committees shall take office on September 1, or on the date of appointment in the case of a replacement, and shall serve through the following August 31.

BIS Course Committees

College of Biological Sciences students enroll in core courses at the lower and upper division levels.  BIS committees are composed of the faculty with curriculum oversight for these courses.  In most cases, they include all faculty who regularly instruct in these courses.  The lower division comprises Introductory Biology, BIS 2A, 2B and 2C, whereas the upper division comprises Genetics (BIS 101), Biochemistry (BIS 102 + 103 or BIS 105) and Cell Biology (BIS 104).

  • Mitch Singer, Chair
  • Anne Britt 
  • Erin Easlon (Academic Coordinator)
  • Marc Facciotti
  • Michele Igo
  • Artyom Kopp
  • John Roth (honors/accelerated version)
  • Jay Stachowicz, Chair
  • Ed Caswell-Chen
  • Rick Grosberg
  • Marie Jaseniuk
  • Dan Potter
  • Pat Randolph
  • Jay Rosenheim
  • Johanna Schmitt
  • Sebastian Schreiber
  • Mark Schwartz
  • Sharon Strauss
  • Neelima Sinha, Chair
  • Geoff Benn (Academic Coordinator)
  • Jonathan Eisen
  • Susan Keen
  • Joel Ledford
  • Brian Moore
  • Dave Rizzo
  • Peter Wainwright
  • Phil Ward
BIS 101
  • Ray Rodriguez, Chair
  • Siobhan Brady
  • Luca Comai
  • Maria Crowder
  • Jan Dvorak
  • JoAnne Engebrecht
  • Dan Kliebenstein
  • Chuck Langley
  • Susan Lott
  • Jeff Ross-Ibarra
  • Michael Turrell
BIS 102 
  • Charles Gasser, Chair
  • Holland Cheng
  • Ken Hilt
  • Walter Leal
BIS 103
  • Judy Callis, Chair
  • Oliver Fiehn
  • Ken Hilt
  • Mona Monfared
BIS 104
  • Dan Starr, Chair
  • Silvia Carrasco Garcia
  • Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar
  • Su-Ju Lin
  • Bo Liu
  • Marty Privalsky
  • Lifeng Xu
BIS 105 
  • Steve Theg, Chair
  • Ken Hilt

Campus Library Representative Committee

The Campus Library Representative Committee advises and provides recommendations to the UC Davis Library staff on the acquisition of new research materials.

  • JaRue Manning
  • Arthur Shapiro

CBS Faculty Research Award Committee

The Faculty Research Award Committee reviews submissions and makes recommendations for the annual CBS Faculty Research Award.

  • Stacey Combs, Chair
  • Graham Coop
  • Chris Fraser
  • Martin Privalsky
  • Neelima Sinha

CBS Faculty Teaching Award Committee

The Faculty Teaching Award Committee reviews submissions and makes recommendations for the annual CBS Faculty Teaching Award.

  • Graham Coop
  • Scott Dawson
  • Aldrin Gomes
  • Stacey Harmer
  • Ted Powers

CBS Graduate Awards Committee

The CBS Graduate Awards Committee selects candidates for graduate scholarships and evaluates candidates to be recommended for Honors at commencement. 

  • Thomas Coombs-Hahn, Chair
  • Siobhan Brady
  • Aldrin Gomes
  • Wilsaan Joiner
  • Susan Lott
  • Veronica Martinez-Cerdeño
  • Daniel Runcie

CBS Undergraduate Awards Committee

The CBS Undergraduate Awards Committee selects and announces the annual College Medal Award, University Medal Award nominees and candidates for undergraduate scholarships and honors, and evaluates candidates to be recommended for Honors, High Honors, and Highest Honors at graduation.

  • Julin Maloof, Chair
  • William Debello
  • Jennifer Gremer
  • Richard James McKenney
  • Mitch Singer

Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum and Educational Policy (CUCEP)

The Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum and Educational Policy provides broad representation of the major programs of the college, reviewing and recommending approval or disapproval of all requests for new courses or changes in existing courses and requests for the creation of new in majors or minors within the college. Their decisions will be referred to the executive committee for final action. The committee oversees Biological Sciences curricula, including a review of proposals for additions, deletions or other changes to the curricula as well as any other proposed changes in college requirements for the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees. Any proposals shall be submitted for review and the committee’s recommendations will be forwarded to the executive committee for final action.

  • Jochen Ditterich, Chair,  Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, jditterich@ucdavis.edu 
  • David Begun, Evolution and Ecology
  • Ken Kaplan, Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Lesilee Rose, Biological Sciences
  • Mitch Singer, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
  • Steve Theg, Plant Biology
Ex-Officio Members
  • Jennifer Halpert, Biology Academic Success Center, jehalpert@ucdavis.edu 
  • Michele Igo, Associate Dean, College of Biological Sciences

Faculty Personnel Committee

The Faculty Personnel Committee oversees merits and promotions for faculty appointed within the College of Biological Sciences. FPC members are nominated by the Faculty Executive Committee and approved by the Committee on Academic Personnel.

  • Neelima Sinha, Chair
  • Thomas Coombs-Hahn
  • Frank McNally
  • Martin Privalsky
  • Donald Strong
Ex-Officio Members
  • Sierra Feldmann

Undergraduate Student Petitions Committee

Comprised of three faculty members and the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs as an ex officio member and the manager of Undergraduate Academic Programs as staff support, this committee oversees recommendations on individual student petitions. These petitions include changes in study list, courses of study, senior residence waiver, graduation requirements, dropping courses after normal deadlines, and change of major appeals. This committee meets as needed. 

Ex-Officio Member
  • Michele Igo, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Programs