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UC Davis Genome Center

The UC Davis Genome Center is a premier research facility dedicated to advancing genomics through innovative teaching, research, and service. Committed to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, the center supports a broad spectrum of genomic studies, from basic research to applied sciences. Faculty and researchers at the Genome Center engage in cutting-edge projects that address critical issues in health, agriculture, and the environment. Through its comprehensive educational programs, the center trains the next generation of scientists, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving field of genomics. The center also provides essential services to the scientific community, offering state-of-the-art resources and expertise in DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, and data analysis. By integrating research, education, and service, the UC Davis Genome Center plays a pivotal role in driving scientific discovery and innovation, contributing to the university's mission of improving global health and sustainability.


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