Student Biking

Basic Needs Resources

Academic Support

Financial Support

Food Security

  • Aggie Compass Basic Needs
  • CalFresh - a debit card for groceries up to $204/month. Apply here.
  • Food Available Immediately provides information on immediately available food resources on campus and in the Davis community (Freedges, free community meals, food distribution centers, etc.).
  • FreshText: text the word tomato to 888-777 to receive regular reminders of food distributions happening in Davis.

Housing Resources

Mental Health and Wellness

Student Life and Activities

Sexual Violence and Prevention

  • UC Davis Sexual Violence Prevention and Response
  • Empower Yolo - Services for Victims of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Trafficking
    • Empower Yolo provides crisis services, counseling, educational services and legal services to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and trafficking. Call the 24-hour crisis line (530-662-1133) or their office number (916-371-1907)

Student Parents and Families

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment

Reporting Hate and Bias