Resources for New Graduate Students

Health and Basic Needs

Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center

Memorial Union, East Wing

  • Ensures that every student has safe, secure housing, access to healthy food and financial stability.
Aggie Mental Health
Services and Contact Information
  • A range of UC Davis mental well-being resources including crisis and urgent care information, confidential and professional support, and self-care resources.
Community Housing Listing
347 Memorial Union
Davis, CA 95616
  • Informative renters’ guide, apartment listings and other useful tips and contact information to assist tenants.
Graduate Student Association
Leadership Contacts
  • Represents over 5,000 students and advocates for their academic success and well-being. 
  • GSA sends out a weekly email newsletter containing news and opportunities for graduate students.
Student Housing and Dining Services
Locations, Directions and Parking
  • Information about housing at UC Davis. 
Student Parent Resources
  • Resources to help address the challenges particular to students with children, including information on childcare, housing, activities, community events, crisis support, financial support, and leave options.

Academic and Professional Development

GradPathways Institute for Professional Development
  • Provides ongoing programming and workshops to help students develop skills to prepare for their postgraduate careers. 
Initiative for Maximizing Student Development 
Program Contact Information
  • Support for underrepresented students entering doctoral programs in the biomedical sciences.
  • Funded by the National Institutes of Health-Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (NIH-IMSD).
  • The IMSD program aims to increase biomedical and behavioral sciences Ph.D. degree holders from underrepresented groups.
Mentoring Resources
  • Rather than seeking comprehensive mentorship from one sole mentor, graduate students should create a collective of mentors to guide them on their various needs and goals.