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The Oct. 22 journal Nature features research by the Hunter Lab at UC Davis.

Hunter Lab's research highlighted in Nature

Cover of Oct. 22 journal Nature

The Oct. 22 print edition of Nature features research by Neil Hunter, professor in the College of Biological Science's Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. The paper, titled "PCNA activates the MutLγ endonuclease to promote meiotic crossing over," was featured in Nature's online journal in August  — as well as discussed in the Egghead Blog.

The Hunter Lab's findings suggests that crossover-biased resolution resembles the initial steps of a DNA-repair process called mismatch repair, Hunter said, in which PCNA helps specifically target repair to the newly synthesized DNA strand.

“With this realization, we formulated the first cogent model for crossover biased resolution of double-Holliday Junctions, potentially solving a decades old question,” Hunter said.

Additional authors on the paper are: Dhananjaya Kulkarni, Shannon Owens, Masayoshi Honda, Masaru Ito, Ye Yang, Mary Corrigan, Lan Chen and Aric Quan, all at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in CBS.

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