Meet the 2023-24 BioBooster Student Club Officers

BioBoosters, the longstanding student club known for selling CBS apparel to support opportunities for life sciences students on campus, has named new officers. From the left, Suman Singh, Numa Islam, Rosana Miller and Brielle Machado. (Sasha Bakhter / UC Davis)
BioBoosters, the longstanding student club known for selling CBS apparel to support opportunities for life sciences students on campus, has named new officers. From the left, Suman Singh, Numa Islam, Rosana Miller and Brielle Machado. (Sasha Bakhter / UC Davis)

Meet the 2023-24 BioBooster Student Club Officers

Swag sales, networking and socials get CBS students involved on campus

BioBoosters, the student club that organizes the ever-popular sales of College of Biological Sciences apparel is back and gearing up for a quarter of swag sales, social events and networking activities.

Best known to the college community for their swag sales, which are held at pop-up booths around campus, the club sells hoodies, vests, caps, shirts and more emblazoned with the CBS logo. Proceeds help BioBoosters organize community-focused gatherings, connect with peers, and—most importantly—continue to supply comfortable, affordable swag for students, faculty and staff!

"It is a great thrill and source of pride to see BioBoosters support our vibrant undergraduate student community and foster collaboration, networking, and engagement across all majors” said Assistant Dean of Student Success Initiatives Helen Frasier, who has helped support the club during the 2023-24 academic year. “Working together, BioBoosters empowers themselves and others to forge meaningful connections, organize engaging social events, connect students with CBS faculty and research, and proudly represent our university through branded swag."

Meet this year’s BioBooster officers:

Numa Islam headshot
Numa Islam

Major: Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior
Year: Fourth-Year
Role: President

Numa is a fourth-year student in the laboratory of Satoshi Namekawa where she studies the epigenetic mechanisms behind spermatogenesis and oogenesis. Before coming to campus, she navigated the challenges of remote, online classes. This experience helped her see the deep value of in-person connections with peers, and formed the basis of her desire to get involved with BioBoosters once she arrived on campus. In addition to her role in BioBoosters, Numa is a volunteer at the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department at UC Davis Health, where she supports infants and children, and a social media coordinator at the Middle Eastern North African and South Asian Student Resources centers on campus.

Like her fellow BioBooster leaders, Numa hopes that the club will provide resources and guidance for CBS students at every stage of their academic journeys, and connect them with peers from diverse backgrounds who share the same passion for biology.

Brielle Machado headshot
Brielle Machado

Major: Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior
Year: First-Year
Role: Vice President

Brielle is first-year student studying neurobiology, physiology, and behavior, and psychology. She is fascinated by the frontiers of neuroscience and the study of the mind. She enrolled at UC Davis in the hopes of performing research that will help her understand the mechanisms behind personality and behavior. Since starting on campus, she has sought out opportunities to be involved. In her role as the vice president of BioBoosters, Brielle plans to focus on growth and expansion - both personally, and within the context of the CBS community.

She is excited to see the club grow and expand to offer even more to club members, like coordinating trips to conferences and organizing discussions with leading scientists who visit campus to give talks on their research.

Suman Singh headshot
Suman Singh

Major: Biological Sciences
Year: Fifth-Year Transfer
Role: Treasurer

Suman is a fifth-year transfer student who came to UC Davis from Los Medanos Community College. After spending most of her college career in COVID lockdown, she joined BioBoosters to meet fellow STEM students, and to get involved in networking events, college activities, and to support peers who need to de-stress after exams. As a BioBooster leader, Suman hopes to recruit and retain more members to help ensure the club can stay active even after she has graduated. She is passionate about bringing CBS students together - and sales of branded merchandise help CBS students recognize each other!

To prospective club members, she says: “Our goal is to help you make new memories and provide support for new opportunities. If you aspire to take on a leadership role, my advice is to apply - you never know what opportunities await you unless you try.”

Rosana Miller headshot
Rosana Miller

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Year: First-Year Transfer
Role: Social Media Coordinator

Rosana is a transfer student from Chabot Community College in Hayward, Calif., who is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. She has been in involved in two research projects at Gladstone Institutes, an independent, non-profit biomedical research organization. In the laboratory of Jorge Palop, she used machine learning tools to find the minute differences between wild-type mice and mice with deviant microglia. In the laboratory of Ansuman Satpathy, she worked on biochemically attaching antibodies to the surface of adeno-associated viruses to retarget T- and B-cells for gene therapy.

Rosana is thrilled to be part of the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences, and hopes to become a mentor for fellow students. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, she plans to enroll in a Ph.D. program to study cancer biology, and eventually become a professor. When not in school, she enjoys cooking, hiking, reading self-help books, indoor rock climbing, playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends, and powerlifting.

A chance to grab swag

BioBoosters will be in the lobby of Esau Hall, outside Biology Academic Success Center, on Monday, March 4 from 12:00-3:00pm. Sales are on a first-come, first-served basis. Card and Venmo payment are available. To stay informed about this and other upcoming swag sales and BioBooster events, follow the club on Instagram.

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