Diana G. Myles

Diana Myles

Position Title
Professor Emerita

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, College of Biological Sciences

3167 Life Sciences Addition

Research Interests

The role of the ADAM family, integrins and other proteins in sperm-egg mammalian membrane adhesion and membrane fusion. Sperm membrane polarity and protein-protein interactions during spermatogenesis. A variety of approaches are used including mouse genetics (knockouts and transgenics), molecular biology and protein biochemistry.


  • 1968 BA Botany University of California, Berkeley
  • 1973 PhD Botany University of California, Berkeley


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Primakoff, P and D.G. Myles. 2000. The ADAM gene family: Surface proteins with adhesion and protease activity. Trends Genet.. 16:83-87

Miller, B., Georges-Labouesse, E., Primakoff, P. and Myles, D.G.. 2000. Normal fertilization occurs in eggs lacking the integrin 6 1 and is CD9-dependent.. J. Cell Biol. . 149: 1289-1295.