John H. Gillespie

John Gillespie

Position Title
Professor Emeritus

Department of Evolution and Ecology, College of Biological Sciences

3342A Storer Hall

Research Interests

Population genetics with an emphasis on molecular evolution. Natural selection in randomly fluctuating environments. Stochastic processes in molecular evolution.


  • 1966 BS Zoology University of Maryland
  • 1970 PhD Zoology University of Texas


Gillespie JH. 2000. Genetic drift in an infinite population: the pseudohitchhiking model. Genetics. 155:909-919

Gillespie JH. 1999. The role of population size in molecular evolution. Theoretical Population Biology. 55:145-156

Gillespie JH. 1997. Junk ain't what junk does: neutral alleles in a selected context. Gene. 205:291-299