Jonathan A. Eisen

Jonathan Eisen

Position Title

Director, UC Davis Microbiome Special Research Program
Dept. of Evolution and Ecology
Dept. of Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Genome Center
Center for Population Biology

GBSF 5311

Eisen Lab Research and Other Projects

Main Research Theme: Diversity of Microbes and Microbiomes

A major area of emphasis in my lab is in the study of the ecology, evolution and function of microbes and microbial communities. Our work in this area includes topics such as those listed below:

  • The genomic basis for the origin and evolution of new functions.
  • The ecology and evolution of microbial communities.
  • The co-evolution of microbes and their carrying vessels (i.e., hosts).
  • Variation in “evolvability.”
  • The development of phylogeny-driven computational tools to analyze genomic and metagenomic sequence data.
Current and Recent Lab Projects (examples)
  • Microbiology of the Built Environment My lab is interested in the microbial ecology of the "built environment" - that is, the places humans have created such as buildings, vehicles, water systems, etc. We do both research and communications activities in this area.
  • Seagrass Microbiomes. One of our major research topics is on the microbial communities that live in and on seagrasses and how they contribute to the evolution, ecology, and function of these important plants and their surrounding ecosystems. 
  • Istmobiome. We are collaborating with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute to study microbiomes of organisms on the two sides of the Panamanian Isthmus. 
Open Scientific and Scholarly Communication 

Another major interest in my group is in scientific and scholarly communication. I am deeply committed to the opening up of scholarly communication such as by improving access to literature, data, and tools and also by communicating more with the public outside of the "normal" scholarly literature through blogging, Twitter, and other means.  

UC Davis Graduate Group Affiliations

  • Population Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Ecology
  • Biophysics
  • Computer Science
  • Integrative Genetics and Genomics


  • BIS 002C Introduction to Biology
  • EVE 161 Microbial Phylogenomics

    Honors and Awards

    • UC Davis ADVANCE Scholar Award, 2019
    • Elected Representative to AAAS Council, 2017-2020.
    • Chair, Division R, American Society for Microbiology, 2010.
    • Elected Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology, 2012
    • Esquire Magazine, "Best and Brightest Innovators", 2002
    • Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1998

    Past Positions and Education

    • 2000-2008. Adjunct Faculty, John Hopkins University, Department of Biology.
    • 1998-2006. Faculty, The Institute for Genomic Research, Rockville, MD. 
    • 1991-1998. Stanford University. PhD Student in the Department of Biological Sciences in the lab of Prof. Philip C. Hanawalt. Did research on phylogenomics of DNA repair processes. PhD in 1998.
    • 1986-1990. Harvard College.  Conducted research with Prof. Colleen Cavanaugh on chemosynthetic symbionts and Fakhri Bazzaz on plant physiology. AB in Biology 1990.

    Selected Publications. See Google Scholar for Full list. 

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