Marilynn E. Etzler

Marilynn Etzler

Position Title
Professor Emerita

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, College of Biological Sciences

231A Briggs Hall

Research Interests

Structure and function relationships, carbohydrate specificity, and physiological roles of plant lectins, particularly from Dolichos biflorus.

Specialties / Focus

  • Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Differentiation, Morphogenesis and Wound Healing
  • Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Genomics


  • 1962 BS Biology/Chemistry Otterbein College, Ohio
  • 1967 PhD Biology Washington University


Etzler, M.E., G. Kalsi, N.N. Ewing, N.J. Roberts, R.B. Day and J.B. Murphy . 1999. A Nod factor binding lectin with apyrase activity from legume roots. . Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) . 96:5856-5861

Roberts, N.J., J. Brigham, B. Wu, J. Murphy, H. Volpin, D.A. Phillips and M.E. Etzler. 1999. A Nod factor binding lectin is a member of a distinct class of apyrases that may be unique to legumes. . Mol. Gen. Genet.. 262:261-267

Hamelryck, T.W., R. Loris, J. Bouckaert, M-H Dao-Thi, G. Strecker, A. Imberty, E. Fernandez, L. Wyns and M.E. Etzler . 1999. Carbohydrate binding, quaternary structure and a novel hydrophobic binding site in two legume lectin oligomers from Dolichos biflo