Mark F. Sanders, Ph.D., M.A.

Mark Sanders

Position Title
Lecturer Emeritus

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Mark has more than 30 years experience teaching genetics and has taught more then 35,000 students in his career. Mark is the senior author (with John L. Bowman) of Genetic Analysis: An Integrated Approach (Pearson) which is now in its third edition. Mark is also a contributing author to 30-Second Genetics (Ivy Press). Mark has taught genetics at UC Davis since 1985 and taught at UC Berkeley for two years prior to coming to Davis. Specializing in teaching Genes and Gene Expression (BIS 101), Mark has also spent considerable time teaching Principles of Genetics Laboratory (MCB 160L), and has taught evolutionary genetics, molecular genetics, and human genetics for both genetics majors and for non-science majors.