Michael A. Savageau

michael savageau headshot

Position Title
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

  • Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

Research Interests

Savageau’s research aimed to elucidate function, design and evolution of natural and synthetic molecular systems. His Group focused on development of general mathematical and computational methods, and on their application to specific molecular systems. His work included developing mathematical systems biology, identifying design principles in molecular biology, developing a computationally assisted "system design space methodology" for relating genotype and environment to the phenotype of complex biochemical systems.

Education and Degree(s)
  • 1962 B.S. in Engineering Science, University of Minnesota
  • 1963 M.S. in Physiology and Systems Engineering, University of Iowa
  • 1967 Ph.D. in Cell Physiology and Systems Engineering, Stanford University
  • 2011 Ph.D. Science Honoris Causa, Universitat de Lleida, Spain