Richard S. Criddle

Position Title
Professor Emeritus

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, College of Biological Sciences

37B Briggs Hall

Research Interests

Bioenergetics of plant metabolism. Plant responses to stress. Drug interactions.


  • 1958 BS Chemistry Utah State University
  • 1962 PhD Biophysics University of Wisconsin


Hansen LD, MS Hopkin, DK Taylor, TS Anekonda, D Rank, RW Breidenbach, and RS Criddle. 1994. Plant Calorimetry II: Modeling the differences between apples and oranges. Thermochim Acta. :(In press)

Hansen LD, MS Hopkin, DR Rank, TS Anekonda, RW Breidenbach, and RS Criddle. 1994. The relation between plant growth and respiration: a thermodynamic model. Planta. 194:77-85

Criddle RS, M Hopkin, DE McArthur, and LD Hansen. 1994. Plant distribution and the temperature coefficient of metabolism. Plant, Cell, and Environment. 17:197-203