Ronald Baskin

Ronald Baskin

Position Title
In Memoriam

  • Professor Emeritus
  • Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, College of Biological Sciences

Research Interests

Cell biology and biophysics of muscle and molecular motors. Molecular mechanism of muscle contraction. Ultrastructure and force generation in motor proteins of the myosin and kinesin families.

Education and Degree(s)
  • 1957 B.A. in Biophysics, University of California, Los Angeles
  • 1958 M.A. in Physiology, University of California, Los Angeles
  • 1960 Ph.D. in Biophysics, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Mogilner A, M Mangel, and RJ Baskin. 1998. Motion of molecular motor ratcheted by internal fluctuations and non-linear protein friction. Physics Letters A. 237:297-306
  • Baskin R J. 1998. Design and use of the centrifuge microscope to assay force production. Methods in Enzymology. 298:413-427
  • Hall K, D Cole, Y Yeh, and RJ Baskin. 1996. Kinesin force generation measured using a centrifuge microscope sperm-gliding motility assay. Biophysical Journal. 71:3467-3476