Chancellor Messages

Statement from Chancellor Gary S. May on Terrorist Attacks on Israeli Citizens and the Violence in the Gaza Strip

Chancellor Gary S. May issued the following statement on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

To the Aggie Community:

Our community is reeling and in pain from the terror and escalating violence we are witnessing in Israel and in the Gaza Strip. Especially horrific is the use of hostages and the great losses of both Israeli and Palestinian civilian lives. We stand in support of our Jewish and Muslim communities. We deeply mourn this catastrophic loss of life and the destruction of many families and futures.

Statement From Chancellor Gary S. May on Supreme Court Decision Ending Affirmative Action

In track and field, the “staggered start” is a mechanism used to account for the fact that runners in the outer lanes of the track have a longer distance to run than those in the inner lanes. Like the staggered start, affirmative action is intended to account for historical inequities experienced by marginalized communities in higher education and other endeavors. Today, the Supreme Court has decided that this tool is no longer appropriate.