Alan Lemus headshot

Academic Advisor

Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior

Alan Lemus is a dedicated academic advisor with a master’s degree in science from CSUF, specializing in Higher Education with a focus on social justice and advocacy. With eight years of prior advising experience at CSUEB, Alan has developed the skills essential for working with a diverse student population. Committed to fostering student success by providing tailored academic support and promoting equitable access to education. Dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

Academic Philosophy:

My advising philosophy centers on personalized guidance, recognizing each student as a unique individual with distinct goals and challenges. I believe in fostering a collaborative and supportive partnership with students. Additionally, I emphasize the importance of holistic development, considering not only academic goals but also personal career aspirations. Ultimately, my goal is to inspire and equip students to navigate their educational path with confidence and resilience.