Academic Difficulties

Failure to meet the GPA or minimum progress standards will result in the student being placed on Academic Probation or Subject to Disqualification status. Academic Standards are defined by the Academic Senate and can be viewed on the Office of the University Registrar's website. Students must maintain a 2.000 average or better for all work undertaken in the university (overall and quarterly). Minimum progress is an average of 12 units completed per quarter calculated at the end of each quarter.

Following each quarter, students who are on Academic Probation will be notified of their status via their UC Davis campus email and will receive specific instructions on how to proceed.

Academic Probation Definitions

Academic Probation on the Basis of GPA is defined as follows:

Academic Probation (one or more of the following):

  • Quarter GPA that is below 2.000 but greater than 1.500
  • Overall UC GPA that is below 2.000 but greater than 1.500

Academic Probation Continued:

  • First consecutive quarter on Academic Probation
Academic Probation on the Basis of Inadequate Progress (Minimum Progress) is defined as follows:

Academic Probation:

  • Degree progress average is below 12 units (not meeting Minimum Progress). 

Academic Probation Continued:

  • First consecutive quarter with degree progress average below 12 units (not meeting Minimum Progress).

Academic Probation Prior to Disqualification: 

  • Second consecutive quarter with degree progress average below 12 units (not meeting Minimum Progress). 

Students who fall on Academic Probation can expect to receive an email from the BASC with instructions on how to proceed.

Following each quarter, students who are Subject to Disqualification will be notified of their status via their UC Davis campus email and will receive specific instructions on how to proceed.

Subject to Disqualification Definitions

Subject to Disqualification on the Basis of GPA is defined as one or more of the following:
  • Quarter GPA that is below 1.500
  • Overall UC GPA that is below 1.500
  • More than 16 units of incomplete (I) grades
  • Second consecutive quarter on Academic Probation
Subject to Disqualification on the Basis of Inadequate Progress (Minimum Progress) is defined as:
  • Three consecutive quarters with degree progress average below 12 units (not meeting Minimum Progress). 

Subject to Disqualification BASC Process

Our Philosophy: In the spirit of the Biology Academic Success Center’s Mission Statement and in consultation with the College of Biological Sciences faculty and Deans, we endeavor to address students’ academic difficulties holistically. We support students “not in good standing” by providing guidance thoughtfully and professionally, offering solutions to each individual’s challenges with the goal of successful completion of a degree at the University of California, Davis.

Appealing your disqualification:  

Once your status is determined by the Office of the University Registrar as “subject to disqualification”, the process includes the following:

  • 1. Committee Review – The Biology Academic Success Center (BASC) Academic Progress Review Committee reviews your academic record
  • 2. Review Student Input – We consider your unique situation by reviewing your disqualification appeal form
    • Please note: Students who are Subject to Disqualification ONLY on the basis of inadequate progress (Minimum Progress) are NOT able to appeal their disqualification. Students may be continued at the discretion of the Academic Progress Review Committee. 
  • 3. Subject to Disqualification Appeal Review Appointment – We talk with you about solutions to any barriers to your success
  • 4. Follow Up – We collaborate with you to get you back into “good standing” and back on track
The purpose of the appeal appointment is to:
  • 1. Review your cumulative academic progress and clarify academic policy as it pertains to your academic status
  • 2. Create a reasonable and realistic plan for you to return to good academic standing
  • 3. Identify on and/or off campus resources and services that can support your academic success
  • 4. Discuss solutions to issues that may have negatively affected your academic progress (ex. illness, employment, family responsibilities, transition to a new environment, etc.)
A Time for Reflection
  • Realistically assess your academic goals. Do you have the ability and motivation needed to succeed in your intended major? Should you consider taking time away from UCD to better prepare you for your intended major? If your intended major in not the best fit, discuss ways with your advisor to explore alternative majors.
  • Consider your mental and physical health. Are you well enough to continue your academics next quarter and on? Are you using campus resources and services to support your overall well-being? If you are not ready to address these circumstances, the issues may continue to arise and/or worsen.
  • Be ready to make specific changes. Are you ready to make significant and specific changes to impact your academics? What are the barriers and challenges you have faced, and what are possible solutions? Consider specific actions you will take to facilitate your academic success.
  • If you are in distress regarding your circumstances, we encourage you to seek support from the Student Health and Counseling Services. Their office can be reached at (530) 752-2349; support is available 24 hours a day.

Exit Counseling and Readmission

If you have been disqualified, you will be dropped from your current courses and withdrawn from the University. Applicable registration fees are refunded to you.  You will also receive advising along with a preliminary plan for readmission which may include attending community college or most likely, summer sessions at UC Davis. 

Readmission is the process for any student who has been separated from UC Davis for one or more regular quarters. Unlike admission to UC Davis, the readmission process is not competitive but it is determined based on specific criteria regarding your personal circumstances and academic record. The student must apply through OASIS at least 8 weeks before the beginning of the quarter they plan to return. The deadlines to apply for readmission are as follows:

  • Fall: August 31st
  • Winter:  October 31st
  • Spring:  January 31st

To be connected with an advisor for readmission, please email your BASC academic advisor or

Need To Take a Break from UC Davis?

If you need to take away time from UC Davis for Academic, Financial, Medical, Personal or other reasons, there are two options. Please consult with your BASC academic advisor before choosing one of these options:

  1. Withdraw from the university with an undetermined time for return; or
  2. Apply for the Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP).

Withdrawal is an immediate break in registration and can happen during the quarter. Returning to Davis requires an application for readmission. Check the Office of the Registrar or their website for withdrawal deadlines. If your academic status is “not in good standing” when you withdraw, you will remain in “not in good standing” upon return and will be receive a academic contract to return to “good standing” the quarter following your return. Disqualification will override withdrawal, so do not think that if you withdraw that you will not be disqualified. You must meet with an advisor if you are on academic probation and considering withdrawal.

The Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) allows any continuing registered undergraduate student to temporarily suspend academic work at UC Davis. Undergraduates may take one such leave during their academic career at UC Davis and that leave is limited to one quarter in duration. The deadline for PELP is the 10th day of instruction. Please visit the Office of the University Registrar for more on the PELP option. Students that are Subject to Disqualification and choose to PELP the following quarter are still required to follow the BASC Subject to Disqualification process.