Late Change to P/NP Grading Mode Criteria

To change the grading option for a course after the 25th day of instruction, but on or before the last day of instruction, you must meet with a BASC advisor to initiate the optional P/NP Grading Mode Change petition via OASIS.  If your request to initiate the form is approved, your advisor will forward the online late change to P/NP petition for you to complete and submit via OASIS. It is critical that you communicate with a BASC advisor in a timely manner; your chance of approval diminishes the longer you wait. The petition must be submitted shortly after the unforeseen event or when the extenuating circumstance(s) occurs (generally 7 calendar days).

Late changes to P/NP Grading Mode will only be approved when unexpected, unforeseen, and/or extenuating circumstances, which interfere with the student's academic performance, occur after the official P/NP deadline.

Supporting documentation, on appropriate letterhead, is required. Important Note: Any documentation you provide, including medical verification, will become a part of your student record and will be subject to FERPA privacy rules. Please do not include any medical diagnosis in your uploaded documentation. You can also drop off any documentation at the BASC front desk and this will be confidentially shredded once petition has been processed.

Approval is not guaranteed. Each request is considered individually in light of the student's entire academic record and the specific circumstances provided on the petition.

Once approved, the grading mode change cannot be changed back to letter grading.

Extenuating circumstances that may qualify for a P/NP grading mode, and what documentation is required, include:
  • Increase In Work Hours (occurring after the deadline) - Requires letter from employer (on company letterhead) including explanation of why the increase of hours was necessary, the number of hours before and after the increase, and the date the increased hours started.
  • Health (Medical/Illness/Accident/Mental/Emotional) - Requires letter/recommendation from Student Health and Counseling Services or physician (on their letterhead) including the affected dates and how the condition was significant enough to warrant a modification of course load.
  • Death In Family - Requires appropriate documentation.
  • Serious Personal Problem - Requires specific supporting documentation.
  • Other Situations Of Equal Gravity - Requires specific supporting documentation.
 Late change to P/NP Grading Mode will NOT be approved for:
  • Poor academic performance/poor midterm results
  • Academic difficulties
  • Unavailability of graded work
  • Unawareness of the deadlines/lack of academic advising
  • Need of a specific grade in the course
  • Change of interest/not a major requirement
  • Those who are not in good academic standing for GPA/grades
  • Courses that are being used towards the major. All CBS major courses must be taken for a letter grade (excluding courses offered only as P/NP).

Attempts to change to P/NP Grading Mode for a course that is pending review or has been reviewed by Office of Student Support & Judicial Affairs (OSSJA) will be reported.