Tutoring Resources

Being a UC Davis student means you have access to a wide network of support, including academic tutoring for a variety of topics and disciplines. Tutoring is available both in-person and remotely, and can help support you at any stage of your academic journey. 

  • Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers
    Provides a range of tutoring services across multiple disciplines, and in both virtual and in-person formats. 
  • Chemistry Tutors
    Tutors are graduate students or postdocs in the UC Davis Department of Chemistry. Tutoring arrangements are strictly between you and your tutor.
  • Math Tutors
    Tutors are pre-screened or verified by the UC Davis Department of Mathematics. Tutors are current or recently-graduated UC Davis students.
  • Residence Hall Tutoring
    Residential Academic Centers are hubs of academic information for residence hall students. The centers are located in all three living areas: Segundo, Tercero, and Cuarto.