Connie Champagne

Connie Champagne headshot

Director of Educational Enrichment and Outreach Programs

(530) 754-8727

Since 2007, Dr. Champagne has focused on conceptualizing, implementing, and administering innovative programs that serve undergraduates from minoritized populations with the ultimate goal of diversifying the scientific community. She has over 30 years of experience teaching in the classroom and in the laboratory. Dr. Champagne served as Chair of the UCD Academic Federation (AF) Affirmative Action & Diversity Committee (AA&DC) for two years and was the AF representative on the Academic Senate AA&DC for three years. She received a UC Davis “Soaring to New Heights Diversity and Principles of Community Award” (2015) and the College of Biological Sciences Principles of Community Award (2019) for her accomplishments as an effective advocate for the success of a diverse group of undergraduate students pursuing studies in the life sciences. Dr. Champagne earned a PhD at the University of Regina in Canada, where she studied the evolution of genes that allowed plants to colonize the land. She was awarded the Katherine Esau Postdoctoral Fellowship at UC Davis, where she studied genes that regulate the development and evolution of leaf shape in angiosperms.