Human Biology Major FAQs

Human Biology Major Lottery Information

The spring 2024 Human Biology Lottery will open on April 8th.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Human Biology major?
  • It is a major in the College of Biological Sciences designed to focus more broadly on topics related to the biology of humans. 
  • What courses are required for the Human Biology major?
  • The list of required courses is available by clicking here.
  • When did the Human Biology major Start?
  • The major started in Fall 2021. 
  • How do I apply for this major?  
  • Admission to the major is determined through a lottery. Continuing students can apply for the lottery that is run in Spring quarter. The lottery for incoming transfer students is run in the Fall quarter. At present, winning the lottery is the only way a student can become a human biology major. 
  • What is the Human Biology major lottery?
  • The Human Biology major lottery randomly selects names, which are then reviewed for their eligibility requirements. If you are accepted, you will be notified by the end of April. 
  • What are the eligibility requirements for continuing students to enter the Human Biology major lottery in spring quarter?
  • You must have entered UC Davis as a Freshman and have second year status with less than 135 units total and a minimum GPA of 2.5 in UC Davis coursework in the Winter quarter preceding the lottery.
    You will need to have completed two of the following three series required for the major: BIS2, CHE (2 or 2H), MAT (17 or 21).
  • What was the timeline for the Human Biology major lottery in Spring 2024?
  • April 8 - Announcement email sent to eligible students, website updated, and lottery opens.

    April 8 - Students can start scheduling inquiry appointments with BASC advisors, and advisors review any appeals submitted from students blocked from the lottery.

    April 29, end of the day - Lottery closes, Ebony will run the lottery and notify students.

    April 30-May10 - final student appointments before Pass 1

    May 13 - Pass 1 Registration starts.

    May 25 - Open up the waitlist for the remaining Spring 24 seats.

  • Can a student do the courses required for the human biology major and then retroactively get credit for doing this major?
  • No. Students will not be allowed to transfer into the Human Biology Major even if they take all the required coursework.  
  • Could students from outside CBS apply for the Human Biology major?
  • At present, only CBS students are allowed to apply for the lottery or be selected for the major.
  • Can incoming CBS transfer students apply for the Human Biology major?
  • Yes. Newly added transfer students are automatically eligible to enter the Fall lottery.
  • What if I apply and do not get into the Human Biology major?
  • Entering the lottery has no impact on your status in your current CBS major. Therefore, you should enroll in the coursework that you previously discussed with your BASC advisor.
  • What if I apply and do not get into the Human Biology major this year? Can I apply for the Human Biology major next year?
  • This depends. In order to enter the lottery, you will need to meet the eligibility requirements. Following an initial application to the lottery, most students who re-enter a subsequent lottery will no longer have second year status with less than 135 units and therefore will not be eligible for the next lottery.
  • Where else can I find more information about the major?
  • Contact a Human Biology advisor in BASC to learn more about this major.