Graduate Students Share Short Films at Ecology Film Festival

FIlm graphic
The 11 short films showcase the work of graduate students at UC Davis. Pixabay

Recently, graduate students in Professor Eric Sanford's Scientific Filmmaking Seminar, ECL 290, shared their short films at the Ecology Film Festival. Now you can view all 11 films in one place. From the hidden biodiversity of streams and the importance of mussel memory to black bears in Lake Tahoe and tiny bird houses, these films showcase the breadth of research conducted by UC Davis graduate students.

1. Tiny House: Bird Edition

A film by Alison Ke of the Graduate Group in Ecology

2. The Hidden Biodiversity of Streams

A film by Sarah Stinson of the Graduate Group in Ecology

3. The Importance of Mussel Memory

A film by Emily Longman of the Population Biology Graduate Group

4. Little Fish, Big Effects

A film by Amelia Munson of the Animal Behavior Graduate Group

5. Kelps Urchin-T Problem

A film by Angie Korabik of the Graduate Group in Ecology

6. Black Bears in Lake Tahoe Basin

A film by Julia Owen of the Graduate Group in Ecology

7. Late to the Lunch Table: An Arctic Tale

A film by Conor Higgins of the Graduate Group in Ecology

8. Who Owns the Rockweed

A film by Eliza Oldach of the Graduate Group in Ecology

9. White Abalone Homecoming

A film by Jennifer McNealy and Evan Tjeerdema of the UC Davis Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute

10. If You Can't Beat 'Em, You Eat 'Em!

A film by Ric DeSantiago of the Joint Doctoral Program in Ecology between San Diego State University and UC Davis

11. American River Salmon

A film by Annelise Del Rio of the Ecology Graduate Group


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