From the Dean: A Message to the Community in Light of the Death of George Floyd

Mark Winey

From the Dean: A Message to the Community in Light of the Death of George Floyd

Dear CBS Students, Faculty and Staff -

The unrest this weekend and earlier ignited by the violent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis weighs on us all. I am deeply saddened by every aspect of these events, from the death of a black man in police custody to widespread rioting and violence. 

As you know, Chancellor Gary May has written eloquently, if not exasperatingly, on this topic. As members of the UC Davis community, we try to conduct ourselves by the Principles of Community.  

This would all be very stressful and emotionally challenging in normal times, but in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the anxiety is amplified.

As much as I am concerned for all of our well-being, I particularly empathize with our students, faculty and staff from our African American community and their families. People of color as a community are suffering more from the pandemic because of inequities in our healthcare system and from the risk factors that arise from poverty. They are also subjected regularly to injustices at the root of the current unrest.

I fear that my words are of little solace, but I ask that you try to be kind, patient and understanding with your fellow Aggies and community members.

I wish to remind all students that Crisis Consultation Services are available by calling: 530.752.0871.

Undergraduate students may also contact Megan Brown or BASC directly to make an appointment – (BASC) or

Faculty and Staff may contact the services here for support.

For Faculty or staff who encounter a student in distress, you can file a “CARE” report here:

For the entire Aggie community, text "RELATE" to 741741 on your cell phone from anywhere in the US for support during this crisis.

Finally, to our undergraduate students: You are weathering the most stressful and extraordinary events that academics has seen during any of our careers or possibly in the history of the University of California. I can tell you that the faculty are working on a panel of options to help make the rest of the quarter and finals more manageable. As always, reach out to your professors for their assistance as we navigate the remainder of the quarter. We’re here for you and we’re with you.

Further information and resources will be forthcoming in future communications.

Be well, be safe and peace,

Mark Winey, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Dean, College of Biological Sciences

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