From the Dean: A Notable Start

Tetrahymena image
The single-celled Tetrahymena sp. uses a different set of proteins for respiration from plants, animals or yeast. The discovery, made by Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology researchers, revealed unsuspected diversity in how living things carry out fundamental processes. (Wikimedia)

From the Dean: A Notable Start

A major gift and black history month

Winter quarter is rolling right along. In fact, we’re somehow already in the second month of what still feels like an hours-old year. That’s the sign of having been busy. On campus, students are all around us. Our faculty are teaching, publishing and mentoring, and in the Dean’s Office we’ve been hard at work on several notable things.

I’m very pleased to share the announcement of a major philanthropic contribution to our college. CBS has received a $1 million gift from UC Davis alumni Kamaljeet Singh-Khaira and Ravinder Khaira, which will support a broad coalition of priorities throughout the college. I am deeply humbled by the Khairas' generosity and vision, and I am inspired by their charitable and compassionate spirit.

There have been notable rankings for the college, too. From placing 2nd in the nation for graduate study in evolutionary biology, to the exceptional percentages of students who enjoy positive outcomes after studying in the college, I invite to you take a look at our rankings and distinctions, and join me in applauding our faculty, staff and students.

February is Black History Month. The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has curated a list of events in honor of this month. Especially in light of recent tragic events, honoring Black Americans seems ever more important. A raised fist has long been a symbol of resistance to oppression. I raise mine in solidarity with all those who have suffered, and in honor of the many Black scientists whose contributions to our nation are undeniable. 

Valentine’s Day is in two weeks. Let’s all reflect on those we love, and the gratitude that comes with having them in our lives.

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