Watch the Second COVID-19 Public Awareness Symposium

The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. NIAID

Last week's second COVID-19 Public Awareness Symposium, organized and run by Distinguished Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology Walter Leal, attracted over 1,000 viewers.

The symposium featured introductory remarks from UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May and University of California President Janet Napolitano. Other speakers include David Lubarsky, vice chancellor of Human Health Sciences and chief executive officer, UC Davis Health; Allison Brashear, dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine; Emanuel Maverakis, professor of dermatology and immunology, UC Davis School of Medicine; and Atul Malhotra, professor of medicine, UC San Diego Health.

If you missed the livestream of the event, don't worry. You can watch a recording of it below. 

  • 0-9 min: Opening address, May and Napolitano
  • 9 min: Introductory remarks, Lubarsky
  • 19 min: Introductory remarks, Malhotra
  • 29 min: Introductory remarks, Maverakis
  • 40 min: Introductory remarks, William Isenberg, Sutter Health's Chief Quality and Safety Officer
  • 52 min: Introductory remarks, Brashear
  • 1 h 2 min: Dr. Anoop Maheshwari, Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist
  • 1 h 23 min: Cat & Coronavirus
  • 1 h 30 min: Masks
  • 1 h 45 min: Patient #1 in Yolo County
  • 2 h 24 min: Sexual Transmission
  • 2 h 30 min: Pets
  • 2 h 44 min: Maheshwari 
  • Q&A

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