John J. Harada

John Harada portrait

Position Title
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

  • Plant Biology

Research Interests

Genomic, molecular, genetic, and biochemical, dissection of embryogenesis and seed development in plants.

Education and Degree(s)
  • 1975 B.S. in Biochemistry, University of California, Los Angeles
  • 1981 Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of Washington
  • Pelletier, J.M. Kwong, R.W., Park, S., Le, B.H., Baden, R., Cagliaria, A., Hashimoto, M., Munoz, M.D., Fischer, R.L., Goldberg, R.B., and Harada, J.J. (2017).  LEC1 sequentially regulates the transcription of genes involved in diverse developmental processes during seed development.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 114: E6710
  • Douglass, S., Hsu, S.H., Cokus, S., Goldberg, R.B., Harada, J.J., and Pellegrini, M. (2016).  A naive Bayesian classifier for identifying plant miRNAs.  Plant J. 86: 481-492
  • Danzer, J. Mellott, E., Bui, A.Q., Le, B.H., Martin, P., Hashimoto, M., Perez-Lesher, J. Chen, M., Pelletier, J.M., Somers, D.A., Goldberg, R.B., and Harada, J.J. (2015).  Downregulating the expression of 53 soybean transcription factor genes uncovers a role for SPEECHLESS in initiating stomatal cell lineages during embryo development.  Plant Physiol. 1
  • Khan, D., Millar, J.L., Girard, I.J., Chan, A., Kirkbride, R.C., Pelletier, JM.., Kost, S., Becker, M.G., Yeung, E.C. Stasolla, C., Goldberg, R.B., Harada, J.J., Belmonte, M.F. (2015).  Transcriptome atlas of the Arabidopsis funiculus - a study of maternal seed subregions.  Plant J. 82: 41-53.
  • Becker, M.G., Hsu, S.-W., Harada, J.J., and Belmonte, M.F. (2014).  Genomic dissection of the seed.  Front. Plant Sci., in press