Nature Reviews "How to Build a Dragon or Die Trying"

Friedrich Johann Justin Bertuch, the mythical creature dragon, 1806

Professor Paul Knoepfler, UC Davis Genome Center, studies the epigenetic and transcriptional control mechanisms that direct stem cell fate and tissue growth. He's also a writer, recently co-authoring the book How to Build a Dragon or Die Trying: A Satirical Look at Cutting-Edge Science with his daughter Julie Knoepfler. Helen Pilcher recently reviewed the book in Nature:  

It was bold, it was brazen and her ‘sky’s the limit’ thinking could have stopped there. But Julie’s father is Paul Knoepfler, a stem-cell biologist at the University of California, Davis. Having an in-house consultant in the life sciences gave the thought experiment wings. The result is How to Build a Dragon or Die Trying, their co-authored book exploring how advances in cell biology, CRISPR gene editing and bioengineering might be used to make a live dragon. The result is a gloriously tongue-in-cheek scientific epic. 

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