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The UC Davis College of Biological Sciences is dedicated to attracting, supporting, and retaining diversity in its student body, staff, and faculty. We strive to provide equitable and just academic and professional experiences for all members of our community, and to connect diverse community members with on- and off-campus resources that can help them succeed academically and professionally. 

Establishing an equitable institution

The College of Biological Sciences at UC Davis is committed to increasing and supporting diversity in all of its facets in our student body, our workforce, our faculty, and our educational programs.

We strive to cultivate a diversity of perspectives by building a diverse, vibrant, collaborative community of people from different racial, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, and disability and veteran status.

We acknowledge that systemic bias inherently exists in our scientific and academic institutions, and that certain groups have historically been excluded from fully participating and integrating into our communities. Thus, we are committed to establishing equitable and just institutional structures that welcome, support, and retain diverse members of our academic community.

We are dedicated to elevating the voices and successes of members of our community that are Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), live with a disability, and/or identify as queer or transgender. We are committed to coordinating recruitment and retention efforts to attract and keep talented faculty, students, and staff from diverse backgrounds, increasing their access to and participation in networking and professional development events and opportunities, and facilitating a paradigm shift in our community to increase cultural literacy and sensitivity in all our academic spaces.

Strategic Investments

The UC Davis College of Biological Sciences is committed to strategic investments across a wide array of arenas within the College, and in support of a broad coalition of internal and external stakeholders, including students, faculty and staff. The College has initiated or completed efforts to provide a variety of support and resources for our community.