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Statement from Chancellor Gary S. May on Terrorist Attacks on Israeli Citizens and the Violence in the Gaza Strip

Chancellor Gary S. May issued the following statement on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

To the Aggie Community:

Our community is reeling and in pain from the terror and escalating violence we are witnessing in Israel and in the Gaza Strip. Especially horrific is the use of hostages and the great losses of both Israeli and Palestinian civilian lives. We stand in support of our Jewish and Muslim communities. We deeply mourn this catastrophic loss of life and the destruction of many families and futures.

Dan Starr Named New CBS Associate Dean of Research

Dan Starr, a cell biologist and professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, has been named the new Associate Dean of Research for the College of Biological Sciences. He will step into the role on October 1, 2023.

“I see this position as an opportunity to encourage my colleagues to branch out and expand into new research areas,” said Starr. “Our research portfolio at CBS is already very strong. My goal is to build on our successes and to support future growth in our research programs.”

CBS Graduate Group Staff, Faculty Recognized for Exceptional Service and Mentorship

Faculty and staff in the college’s eight graduate groups were well-represented among this year’s recipients of mentorship and service awards by Graduate Studies, which presents awards annually to members of the graduate community who have made impactful and far-reaching differences in their programs, and in the experiences of their students.

Outstanding Graduate Program Coordinator

Alyssa Parsons
Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Development Biology graduate group coordinator

UC Davis Genome Center Appoints New Director

Blake Meyers, a principal investigator at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and a professor of plant sciences from the University of Missouri - Columbia, has been named the new director and Novozymes Chair in Genomics at the UC Davis Genome Center. Meyers, who studies plant RNA biology, bioinformatics and functional genomics, will step into the role on March 1, 2024.

Statement From Chancellor Gary S. May on Supreme Court Decision Ending Affirmative Action

In track and field, the “staggered start” is a mechanism used to account for the fact that runners in the outer lanes of the track have a longer distance to run than those in the inner lanes. Like the staggered start, affirmative action is intended to account for historical inequities experienced by marginalized communities in higher education and other endeavors. Today, the Supreme Court has decided that this tool is no longer appropriate.

From the Dean: Taking a Collective Bow

It’s that time of year again. Campus is quiet. There are only a few bicycles on the streets. The halls and classrooms are empty. But it’s a joyous time. The class of 2023 has crossed the commencement stage and is embarking on the next stage of life, which is sure to be successful.

From the Dean: A Time for Reflection

This week saw rain here in Davis. After a week of 90-degree heat, we’d gotten used to summer feeling closer. Seasons seem to last only a few days at a time now. It’s more like winter again, and though campus is on alert because of recent events in our community, I am glad to say that our spring quarter has seen many notable achievements.

From the Dean: Going by Quickly

We are in the final quarter of this academic year, which started at the beginning of this month. I know we’ve all said it ourselves in our own ways, but it really does amaze me how quickly the time passes. It feels like just a few weeks ago we were welcoming a new year and beginning the winter quarter. Now here we are, and it’s spring already.

From the Dean: A Notable Start

Winter quarter is rolling right along. In fact, we’re somehow already in the second month of what still feels like an hours-old year. That’s the sign of having been busy. On campus, students are all around us. Our faculty are teaching, publishing and mentoring, and in the Dean’s Office we’ve been hard at work on several notable things.

From the Dean: Gratitude at Year's End

Winter doesn’t begin officially until later this month, but there was ice on the cars (and roofs!) this morning. Being from Philadelphia, ice in December isn’t something all that unusual to me, but here in our region of California it’s always a bit of a surprise. With finals behind us, and the end of the year just around the corner, things are slowing down on campus.

From the Dean: A Vibrant Fall

November is here and winter is closer. The weather has gotten cooler, and the nights start earlier, but campus is active, and our students are halfway through the fall quarter. Especially after the pandemic years, there’s something revitalizing about having our students on campus. Whether they’re studying for an exam on the couches in the Green Hall lobby or having a discussion section in the courtyard, their presence is always welcome.