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“Ultimate Broker” Carole Hom Retires After Decades of “Amazing” Mentorship

Longtime UC Davis academic coordinator Carole Hom, who retires this year after a quietly influential career, is so beloved that she has two nametags: one bearing her official title, and another with alternates—“Spiritual Leader” and “Chief Guru”—made for her by colleague Rick Grosberg, a distinguished professor emeritus of Evolution and Ecology. 

From the Dean: Bright, Sunny and Full of Life

May is a busy time of year here at UC Davis. Commencement is just around the corner, so our students are hard at work getting through midterms and preparing for finals and life after school. Many will go on to graduate programs, others will enter industry positions. All of them will have accomplished a great deal by the time they cross the commencement stage. You will be able to celebrate them with us next month when we share the names of our award recipients, many of whom are in the graduating class of 2024, on the college website.

UC Davis Genome Center Founding Director Richard Michelmore Steps Down

During his 20-year tenure as founding director of the UC Davis Genome Center, Richard Michelmore, a Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Plant Sciences, Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Medical Microbiology and Immunology, recruited more than 20 faculty members, led the center to prominence as a hub of technology-driven biology, and made national headlines by implementing an innovative, community-scale saliva-based COVID test. Quite the legacy for someone who never wanted the job in the first place. 

From the Dean: Spring Has Sprung

The courtyard between Green Hall and Briggs Hall is sunny, and our trees are in full bloom. Spring is most definitely here.

And with it comes Picnic Day, the longstanding student-run UC Davis tradition, which is on Saturday, April 20. For those planning to attend, I hope you enjoy the fun and engaging activities across campus. From the parade to the doxie derby, there’s a lot to do and even more to see.

Bestselling Book Blends Science and Storytelling to Explain How Memory Shapes Our Lives

Charan Ranganath admits he can be forgetful. This is true of most people, but most people are not leading experts on the neuroscience of human memory.

“Everybody knows I have a terrible memory,” said Ranganath, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at UC Davis, “and yet I got a Ph.D. and I publish papers all the time. I'm totally functional, so maybe the expectations we have are just wrong.”

From the Dean: A Lot Still Ahead

Sometimes I think time must be moving in fast-forward. The quarter ends in two weeks, and our students are gearing up for their final exams, which are followed by a welcome break and then it’s spring quarter — already.

Meet the 2023-24 BioBooster Student Club Officers

BioBoosters, the student club that organizes the ever-popular sales of College of Biological Sciences apparel is back and gearing up for a quarter of swag sales, social events and networking activities.

Best known to the college community for their swag sales, which are held at pop-up booths around campus, the club sells hoodies, vests, caps, shirts and more emblazoned with the CBS logo. Proceeds help BioBoosters organize community-focused gatherings, connect with peers, and—most importantly—continue to supply comfortable, affordable swag for students, faculty and staff!

From the Dean: Achievement and Discovery

There’s been much talk of atmospheric rivers here in California, where many are experiencing extreme weather conditions. Like all of us, I am thinking of the members of our University of California community who have been impacted by floods and other storm-related events.

From the Dean: A Great Time to be an Aggie

Coming to Davis from Colorado was a shift – the scenery, the climate (no more show shoes!) – but after almost ten years in California, it’s now a bit of a shock when things get cold. But that is exactly what it is here now. (By cold, I mean 50°F, admittedly.)

From the Dean: Grateful for All That's Happened

Each year, the start of the holidays seems to get here earlier and earlier. This year is no different. It feels like just yesterday (or maybe last week) that we welcomed 6,400 CBS students back to campus for the start of fall quarter. And now, here we are—it’s time to wish them luck on their finals, and then send them back to their friends and loved ones for a well-deserved break.

Statement from Chancellor Gary S. May on Terrorist Attacks on Israeli Citizens and the Violence in the Gaza Strip

Chancellor Gary S. May issued the following statement on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

To the Aggie Community:

Our community is reeling and in pain from the terror and escalating violence we are witnessing in Israel and in the Gaza Strip. Especially horrific is the use of hostages and the great losses of both Israeli and Palestinian civilian lives. We stand in support of our Jewish and Muslim communities. We deeply mourn this catastrophic loss of life and the destruction of many families and futures.