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Got Milk? Rebecca Calisi Rodríguez Talks Motherhood and Science Conferences

February 23, 2018

In an op-ed appearing in Science,  Assistant Professor Rebecca Calisi Rodríguez, Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, addresses a difficulty facing working mothers. By starting a conversation around pregnancy, lactation and childcare, she hopes to create a culture of equity and inclusion in the science community. Go to Science to read her piece "Got milk, must conference.

Biology Grad Student Perspective: New Tax Bill is War on Education

December 01, 2017
UC Davis graduate students gathered Wednesday morning, Nov. 29, outside the Memorial Union, the central hub of campus, to protest tax reform legislation being considered by Congress. The demonstration was part of the “Grad Tax Walkout,” a national event meant to show solidarity against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which, if passed, would make graduate education unaffordable for millions of Americans.

Memorial Fund Established to Honor Distinguished Professor Emeritus Roy H. Doi

November 03, 2017
Roy H. Doi, distinguished professor emeritus of molecular and cellular biology, was a leader in advancing understanding of the mechanisms that control bacterial gene expression. Elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences in 2006, Doi was recognized for his career contributions in molecular biology and biotechnology. On Oct. 9, 2017, Doi passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by family, at the age of 84.

Sharon Gray’s Mentorship Lives On

October 17, 2016
To preserve her legacy of mentorship, and hopefully bring this scientist to the United States, Sharon Gray’s family is raising money via GoFundMe to mentor women in science. “The mission of this current campaign is to make something positive out of this tragedy,” Markelz wrote for the GoFundMe site.