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Double Majors: Do What You Love

April 30, 2018
For anyone struggling with the decision to double major, UC Davis undergraduate Harris Niazi has some sage advice. “Don’t ever ask yourself what if,” he said. “Just go for it. Even if it doesn’t pan out, you’re at least stuck with one major that you love.”

Biology Academic Success Center Celebrates Five Years of Advising

April 27, 2018
For the past five years, the Biology Academic Success Center has been a one-stop shop for all academic advising needs for undergraduate students on campus. This week, the center celebrated its fifth-year anniversary.

UC Davis Mourns Loss of Marine Biologist and Ocean Health Advocate

April 25, 2018
Faculty, staff and students gathered at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory today not for their weekly seminar, but to remember their colleague Susan Williams who died in a car crash Tuesday (April 24) while en route to the Davis campus to teach.

UC Davis Researchers Talk Science and Society

April 13, 2018
In a Q&A style article appearing in The Conversation, UC Davis researchers, including Professor Susan Williams, Department of Evolution and Ecology, talk about science and public engagement.

Q&A with Grace Ha: Making "Nature" Real and Meaningful in Everyday Life

March 26, 2018
Grace Ha is a Ph.D. candidate in marine ecology at UC Davis, where her thesis focuses on the analysis of camouflage in marine ecosystems. She is participating in the Leaders for the Future program, a five-month cross-campus collaboration between the Office of Research, the Internship and Career Center, GradPathways (Graduate Studies) and our institute. She recently participated in the Food, Ag + Health Entrepreneurship Academy as our 2018 Harkins Fellow.

Young Scientist Program Featured in The Record

March 05, 2018
Briana Rocha-Gregg, a biochemistry, molecular, cellular and developmental biology Ph.D. student, was recently featured in Stockton's The Record promoting the Young Scientist Program, which is dedicated to enhancing K-12 science education.

Solving the Conference/Child Care Career Conundrum

March 05, 2018
A group of female academics is calling on scientific conferences to do more to accommodate nursing mothers and parents to help normalize parenthood in academia — removing a significant barrier to women beginning their careers in science.