From the Dean: Another Year Begins

Hydra vulgaris
Hydra vulgaris, a small, fleshy freshwater organism, exists in a continual state of cellular renewal, which makes it an ideal model organism for the study of aging and regeneration in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. (Celina Juliano / UC Davis)

From the Dean: Another Year Begins

Back to a vibrant campus

Summer never feels quite as long as it looks on the calendar. Those days and weeks pass quickly and, before we know it, we're back on campus. Even so, it's always a great pleasure to see our campus come to life again when students return. They bring such vibrancy to our community. For those in Davis over the summer, there were certainly some high temperatures to weather - 110F+ for several days! - but weather them we did.

And now we’re back. Over the summer our university was the recipient of numerous high and notable rankings that recognized our commitment to diversity, sustainability and social mobility, among many other qualities. I never tire of seeing our campus receive the acclaim so many staff, faculty, leaders and students work so hard to deserve.

Speaking of faculty, I am very pleased to welcome the newest batch of faculty to the college. With appointments in three of our five departments, our new faculty are poised to further enhance the positive experiences of our students in the classroom and lab, as well as contribute their own strengths to the research efforts of our college. From all of us in CBS, I welcome them.

The university was also especially fortunate to announce not one but two record-breaking financial milestones for the 2021-22 year. First, UC Davis received over $1 billion in research funding - a remarkable achievement, and one whose impact on innovation and study will be significant. And second, our campus received over $320 million in philanthropic gifts from generous donors. In CBS alone, more than 1,100 gifts were received - the largest in the college's history. 

Both are tremendous accomplishments and bring me great pride in our campus, and in how those from outside our campus community see - and value - the work that happens at UC Davis.

I wish you all a good start to the fall season. 

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