From the Dean: Much to Celebrate

Closeup view of the mountain jewelflower
Distinct populations of the mountain jewelflower (Streptanthus tortuosus) live throughout California, from low-elevation foothills to the high alpine. Researchers in the Department of Plant Biology and colleagues use the jewelflower to understand how plants adapt to varying climates. (Image credit: Julin Maloof)

From the Dean: Much to Celebrate

A month of many accomplishments

This past month has been a great one for our faculty. With recognition from the National Academy of Inventors, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the on-campus Chancellor’s Fellowship, CBS faculty have certainly received significant recognition for their outstanding work. As ever, I am inspired by the remarkable work our faculty do to innovate, mentor and advance our planet’s knowledge.

March is National Women’s History Month, and I would like to take this chance to recognize the outstanding women in our college. From our faculty ranks to our dedicated staff - advisors, fundraisers, business personnel, administrative officers and student employees - I celebrate your many, many accomplishments and contributions to our campus, our community and our world.

This month has some notable events. The Storer Lectureship returns on Tuesday, March 7 with Harvard’s Sean Eddy. A computational biologist, Eddy's talk is entitled, “Sequence Homology Searches: The Future of Deciphering the Past.” The Center for Neuroscience’s popular and longstanding NeuroFest is on Saturday, March 18 and this year is focusing on artificial intelligence. Registration is open through March 8.

Spring starts officially later this month. Though it has already started to feel a little warmer here in Davis, we’ve still had the rain and cold that comes with winter in Northern California. It’s nice to think that before long the days will be a little clearer, the air a little warmer and the plants a little less bare.

In the meantime, amid drier and drier years here in the state, we’ll take all the rain we can get.

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