Neelima R. Sinha

Neelima Sinha

Position Title

Department of Plant Biology, College of Biological Sciences

2224 Life Sciences

Research Interests

Evolution of developmental morphology and plant responses to stress

Genetic and molecular analysis of compound leaf development in tomato. Evolution of land plant form. Plasticity in cells and organs at the genomic level in response to developmental cues and environmental stresses. Deciphering the host-plant parasite interaction between tomato and Cuscuta using genomics.

Grad Group Affiliations

  • Integrative Genetics and Genomics
  • Plant Biology

Specialties / Focus

  • Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Developmental Genetics
  • Environmental and Integrative Biology
  • Model Plants
  • Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Genomics
  • Systematics and Evolutionary Biology


  • PBI 220 Plant Development
  • PB! 227 Plant Molecular Biology
  • BIS 2C Introductory Biology

Honors and Awards

  • Katherine Esau Junior Faculty Fellow
  • Chancellor's award for excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentorship
  • Elected Fellow of the AAAS

    Professional Societies

    • American Society of Plant Biology
    • American Association for the Advancement of Science


    • 1990 PhD Botany University of California, Berkeley


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